Registered counsellor & psychotherapist

Central Edinburgh

My counselling approach 

Counsellor Charlie Cornelius Edinburgh Southside Male qualified registered counsellor and psychotherapist Charlie Cornelius central Edinburgh

An increasing number of people come to a place in life when they want to talk to someone in a confidential space about their challenges.

I am practised at providing a space in which clients feel able to start to share. This sharing can be a relief for clients and the start of a rewarding yet challenging journey.

I am trained in both the person-centred and psychodynamic approaches. The person-centred approach helps me deeply listen to you. I help you get in touch with your hidden parts so you can feel accepted and acceptable. My psychodynamic training helps us wonder about what is going on for you and why.

With an integration of both approaches we can help you feel tricky feelings to help you move through unhelpful patterns and into better relationship with yourself and others. 

In addition to my private practice working with adults I have the experience working for some of the most established counselling services in Scotland for adults, children and young people.

I also have trainings in Mentalization-based Therapy for families with the Anna Freud Centre, Systemic Family Therapy at the Tavistock, Wisdom in Groups at the Bayswater Institute, Nonviolent Communication with CNVC and Diploma on Organisational Development at the Craighead Institute.

I attend a monthly men's group and practice a martial art.

I am an individual member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).