Counselling with me

I aim to provide you with a space in which you are comfortable enough to share whatever you would like. I believe that whatever comes up in your mind is most likely the best place to start.

Our initial session is a bit different in that we reflect on whether it feels comfortable enough for you to share and if we are a good match.

During the initial session we also talk about confidentiality and complete some basic admin and establish initial counselling goals.

These goals could be that you would like to see some improvement in certain relationships with individuals or in the workplace. It could be that you would like to see a reduction of depressive symptoms or notice an improvement in self esteem. Everyone has different challenges and your goals are tailored to you.

It can be useful to visit these goals periodically, eg every 6 sessions, so that we make the most of your sessions.

At the end of the initial session you can either book in for the next available week, choose not to continue or take 48 hours to think about it.